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import and customs services

The most valuable partner for imports

Clearing customs and paying duties is a nightmare when you don’t have assistance. So is importing goods from other countries. Sometimes, goods can be stuck for days or even weeks. Add to that hidden charges, paperwork, and the waste of precious time.

But Fulfillment Hub USA can take care of the entire process for you. What you get at the end is one consolidated bill that includes the total cost, a tracking number, and peace of mind. We offer you of no hidden costs, and efficient service.


Choose the right 3PL provider

The words “customs” and “duties” have kept several shipping companies from operating overseas, primarily because they don’t understand the rules. So when you deal with a 3PL provider who does not understand how customs work, goods are stuck with authorities, and if the paperwork is not correct, your goods are lost forever. That won’t happen with us.
import and customs services

Why pay duties to the government?

Revenue generation
Import taxes are a crucial source for government to make revenue. They take a percentage on every import to increase their trade revenue.

Protect national industries from competition
Competition is fierce, and national industries need to be protected from global competition. Imposing taxes on certain goods discourages customers from importing them.

Prevent selling products that are below market value
At times, import taxes are levied on products that are deemed below market value (called anti-dumping). This helps stabilize the market value.

import and customs services tax calculation

How are import duties calculated?

Every country has a different method to calculate import duties. Here are three common ways.

Percent of the import value
This is the simplest method to calculate import taxes. You pay a percentage of the total value of the goods imported. For example, if the total value of the goods imported is $500 and the import tax is 10%, you pay $50 as import tax.

Per product rate
The second step is a slightly complicated method. Instead of paying a percentage of the overall value, you pay a percentage on each product. For example, if five products are imported, a percentage is collected for each product, and the rate can vary.

The third method is simple, similar to the first. Tax is calculated based on weight (per pound or kg depending on the country).

import and customs services tax calculation

What should businesses do

Selling products in international markets is a great way to expand an ecommerce business. However, this comes with the complexity of customers paying additional taxes in other countries. The best way around this is to keep customers notified about any taxes and keep the pricing transparent.

Tired of customs and duties?

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Tired of customs and duties?

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Versatile Software

Part of what makes Fulfillment Hub USA this efficient is our versatile software. We can integrate multiple e-Commerce platforms, while you can also integrate custom platforms. All your reports are in one place so that you have the flexibility of running your analytics. For more details about our software, you can refer to our dedicated software section.


Effective Customer Support

Customer Support is crucial in every business as customers are key. With this aspect strongly emphasized, our dedicated team is always available to assist you throughout the process to ensure that your package reaches safe, and always on time. In the meantime, if there is any assistance you need, get in touch with our experts.


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