Kitting and Repackaging

Gift boxes, promotional packages, or anything in between, we do it.

kitting and repackaging services

What are kitting services?

Kitting and repacking service requires combining multiple products (SKUs) into one package. Most 3PL service providers like Fulfillment Hub USA kit and repack thousands of orders each day. When choosing a 3PL service provider who offers kitting services, you need to consider several elements as well as the advantages of kitting services.

kitting and repackaging services

Save time and money

Having warehouses at prime locations in the USA saves sellers time when it comes to kitting services. We’ve been in the business for years, and we have plenty of expertise when it comes to kitting and repacking. This makes sellers more efficient, and end customers happy.

kitting and repackaging services

Custom kitting and repacking services

When it comes to kitting and repacking, our customers enjoy a host of customization services. Whether it’s a different packing for every order, or the same style month-on-month, we provide it. For more details on custom kitting and repacking services, get in touch with our specialized customer support team for all the details.

kitting and repackaging services

Advantages of kitting and repackaging

– Fast assembly
When using kitting services, the items are processed in bulk, making the process faster. Picking the right 3PL service provider will help save money, time and be more efficient.
– Cost cutting
The biggest advantage of kitting services is cost-cutting – what is usually shipped out as two or more items are shipped as one. Doing so reduces shipping costs that include customs duty. And the best part – the end customer gets one package instead of several.
– Better inventory control
Knitting services help manage inventory better. It is easier to manage inventory knitted and made into one package instead of overseeing several small packages. This also saves labor and time.

kitting and repackaging services

Why should you pick Fulfillment Hub USA for kitting services?

There are several reasons for choosing Fulfillment Hub USA for kitting and repacking. Here are some important ones:

– Save money
– Save space
– Custom packages

Kit, Pack, Save Time, and Spend Less!

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Kit, Pack, Save Time, and Spend Less!

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Versatile Software

Part of what makes Fulfillment Hub USA so efficient is our versatile software. We can integrate multiple e-Commerce platforms, and you can integrate custom platforms. All your reports are in one place so that you have the flexibility of running your analytics. For more details about our software, please refer to our dedicated software section.

Effective Customer Support

Customer service is our first priority. Our dedicated team is always available to assist you throughout the process to ensure that your package reaches customers safely, and on time. If you have questions, get in touch with our experts.

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