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Ex-U.S. Green berets carrying rosaries, food, and medicine return to Poland carrying rescued Ukrainian children

Goya Foods, Inc., Founded in 1936, is America’s largest Hispanic-owned food company and has established itself as the leader in Latin American food and condiments. Goya manufactures, packages, and distributes over 2,500 high-quality food products from Spain, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central and South America.  

This food company Carried humanitarian and spiritual missions to the Ukraine border. The Americans contributed many rosaries to be delivered to the Ukraine refugees. The Global Empowerment Mission (GEM), and anonymous ex-U.S. green berets, carried these rosaries, spreading a powerful message of peace and love.  

Support by Fulfillment Hub USA  

Fulfillment Hub USA, the leading Florida-based logistics and order fulfillment company partnered with Nonprofits and the Global Empowerment Mission (GEM), delivers significant logistics efforts for the Ukrainian aid supplies.  

The logistics company has aided the supply of over 100,000 hygiene kits to the needy. It also plays a significant role in helping the Green Berets bring back the families from troubled lands and take them to relatively safe places. The company has brought its warehousing and logistics expertise to bear in Ukraine, helping over 1.7 million refugees to find relative peace and safety.  

Our founder and CEO, Abel Horvath, was at the relief camp with the Global Empowerment Mission, ensuring the logistics activities. 

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