From dirty warehouses to sports cars – Abel Horvath is building his business empire in America

Forbes, the famous American business magazine, writes about the 30 years of successful journey of Abel Horvath, the CEO of Fulfillment Hub USA, who is building his business empire in America. It talks about Abel’s journey since his schooling and how he loves sports cars. 

The article says a lot of hard work, great ambitions, and a dose of luck-built Abel Horvath’s American companies. The coronavirus pandemic has greatly helped his newly established fulfillment company achieve high turnovers. The turnover is expected to reach twelve million this year. 

The article describes Abel’s six years at Volkswagen and the extensive travel with Volkswagen’s general staff accompanying his direct boss, the group’s chief strategy officer, on the group’s private jet. By age 20, he had already walked into the headquarters in Germany and would soon become the CEO of Volkswagen. On the other side, Abel is in his warehouse, sweating and packing the luggage. He says, “It was in this dirty, smelly warehouse that the entrepreneurial career that now goes on to expensive sports cars began.” 

The article talks about the hardworking man’s missing youth that a person in his 10s and 20s would have. Abel was a hardworking student who completed two grades in one year in Carrollton High School in Ohio, followed by a bachelor’s degree in Edinburgh, a master’s degree in Liverpool, and a doctorate in Göttingen, Germany. 

The article also talks about Appmanufact in Delaware, Abel’s software development company that grew nicely, moving to Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, last year mainly because of the cost of wages. In India, the company is now known as Webmanufact and has 62 employees. It deals with almost everything related to software and website development, design, programming, and web development. In addition, he is developing the warehouse management system, the main software product of Abel’s group of companies, from which the owner expects a lot in the coming years. 

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