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Global Empowerment Mission already has a warehouse in Rzeszów and creates the global aid network for Ukraine.

1.16 million people have been sent to the Podkarpackie section of the Polish-Ukrainian border since February 24, the day of Russian armed aggression against Ukraine. The data refer to only the direction of entry to the Polish.  

Michael Capponi, founder, and president of the Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) in Rzeszów, applauded and said that he was amazed and was full of admiration for the work done in Poland in such a short time to help Ukraine.  

Capponi also said they have to establish an unprecedented coalition of NGOs and companies to help people affected by the biggest humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II.  

He thanked the donors for helping GEM create a supply chain and said they want to create a Global Aid Network for Ukraine.  

He says, using the logistical capabilities of Fulfillment Hub USA, they can deliver many tons of goods every day to places indicated by the local and central authorities of Ukraine. Fulfillment Hub USA’s trucks loaded with necessary things from European donors and companies have been sent to the warehouse in Rzeszów. Then they go to those places in Ukraine where help is most needed. 

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