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Jolanta Kwaśniewska visited Rzeszów. She spoke about the responsible relocation of refugees from Ukraine.

Gazeta Wyborcza (Electoral Gazette in English) is a Polish daily newspaper based in Warsaw, Poland. Covering the gamut of political, international, and general news from a liberal perspective, the Gazeta Wyborcza was Poland’s first independent daily newspaper after the era of “real socialism.”   

The newspapers wrote about the meeting held at the City Hall of Rzeszów, where Jolanta Kwaśniewska, the former first lady of the Polish, spoke regarding the Global Empowerment Mission prioritizing humanitarian aid to help refugees from Ukraine and providing the most necessary gifts to the country affected by the war. She said that their organization, cooperating with GEM, had provided 50,000 refugees with a safe place in Poland and Europe and had the means to buy tickets for such people in different parts of the world.  

At the press conference, Michael Capponi, the president of GEM, appeared himself and called for creating a global aid network for Ukraine. He spoke about the letters he received from cities in Ukraine asking for humanitarian support. He also talked about the large cargoes of humanitarian aid to be moved to individual regions and the vast warehouses they have created from where the articles will be delivered.   

The Fulfillment Hub USA’s team has taken their good works to the people of Ukraine by extending its logistics support to the GEM. Its large and sufficient fulfillment warehouses are being used to store the deliverables collected from worldwide from where they will be transported to the most war-affected areas of the country. In addition, fulfillment Hub USA’s trucks are carrying a large number of gifts to the refugees from Ukraine.   

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