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Radar - Distribution Centre for donations in Tatabánya

Hir TV is a Hungarian television news channel, the first of such made in the country. The newspaper writes about the warehouses in Tatabanya, which were opened weeks ago.  

The warehouses are expected to receive donations of HUF 800 million weekly. The transport of goods has already started for individuals and aid organizations.  

The newspaper highlights thanking the logistics system as all assistance is reaching its destination.   

The logistics system  

Abel Horvath, CEO of Fulfillment Hub USA, in partnership with the Global Empowerment Mission, is extending full logistics assistance to help deliver donations to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees. Fulfillment Hub USA’s warehouses are also located in Tatabanya (Hungary).    

Abel says that their large and sufficient warehouses in Hungary, Ukraine, and Poland can accommodate more than 5,000 pallets of donations on nearly 8,400 square meters.  

He says that they have received 100 containers from the USA to all the warehouses and expect over 160 containers from the European Union. In addition, the CEO says that their warehouses can handle and ship 260 trucks to Ukraine. He conveyed thanks to the specially developed warehouse management system and the programmers, as they could adapt the plan accordingly to be realistic. 


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