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800 million donations are received every week in Tatabánya to help Ukrainian refugees

At the central warehouse of the US Global Empowerment Mission in Tatabánya, donations worth more than HUF 800 million per week have been delivered. In addition, a 2,500-square-meter warehouse held a briefing on what was planned to help Ukraine and those fleeing the war-torn country for six months.  


When, a newspaper, questions Michael Capponi, founder and president of GEM, why Tatabánya, he replies, “God wanted it that way.” He added that a friend of his suggested it, and they thought it would be a perfect center for the country based on its location.  

5,000 pallets of donations  

Abel Horvath, the owner of the multinational company Fulfilment Hub USA, which provides logistics assistance, said they are in contact with hundreds of companies. Partnered with GEM, they have been working together for two years, and now they have renovated the warehouse in Tatabánya. At the regional level, in Hungary, Ukraine, and Poland, their warehouses can accommodate more than 5,000 pallets of donations on almost 8,400 square meters. He added that at least 200 trucks could leave for Ukraine every week. 

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