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An American NGO is forming an international coalition to help Ukraine together with the jolanta kwasniewska foundation.

Newseria Biznes is a multimedia news agency that creates messages for radio and television stations, press, and Internet portals in Poland and abroad. The media writes about Jolanta Kwasniewska Foundation, an American NGO.

In the media conference, Jolanta Kwasniewska, president of the Covenant without Barriers Foundation, says that they have over 2 million people from Ukraine in Poland. The situation looks as if adding more liters of water to a large jug of water, where the meniscus is already convex. She said that this situation, at some point, will threaten a humanitarian catastrophe and appeals to friends in various parts of the world to accept part of this solidarity responsibility for women from Ukraine.  

On the other hand, Michael Capponi, founder, and CEO of GEM, says that Global Empowerment Mission has rented warehouses in Warsaw, Rzeszow, and Tatabanyi in Hungary, from which trucks loaded with equipment and the most necessary goods leave for Ukraine every day. He says that they are able to send food, medicine, and even ambulances and fire-e.fighting equipment there.  

At the same conference, GEM extended its thanks to the capabilities of Fulfillment Hub USA, a provider of warehousing and logistics services, which was able to deliver tens of tons of the most necessary aid every day directly to the places indicated by the local and central authorities of Ukraine. Its complete supply chain allowed them to reach many areas in Ukraine – where help is most needed.  

GEM and Fulfillment Hub USA warehouses are also located in Tatabanya (Hungary) and selected locations in Ukraine.  

Abel Horvath, CEO of Fulfillment Hub USA, says that they currently receive about 100 containers from the USA to all warehouses every week. In addition, they are expecting over 160 containers from the European Union. He says that their warehouses can handle and ship 260 trucks to Ukraine.   

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