Same Day Delivery – How it works and what you should know

Same day delivery is an essential service offered by most 3PL services, and many customers ask: How late can I place an order for same-day delivery? We explain.
When shipping out goods from a warehouse, the efficiency is measured by quality, cost, and speed. When goods are shipped out fast, it builds a good reputation, but there is a time frame. Numerous customers write to us asking, “what is the latest time for an order to be shipped out the same day?”

kitting and repacking

Does Your 3PL Provider Offer Kitting Services?

Kitting and repacking services are important part of the ecommerce business and when considering 3PL services, you need to ask if your provider offers these services.
The advantage of an eCommerce business is the flexibility to ship small items from any part of the world. Be it key chains, coffee mugs, or small electronic gadgets. However, when shipping multiple small items, it becomes a hassle. A solution to this is kitting services. Let’s take a detailed look.