5 Tips To Get The Best Pricing From A 3PL Provider

3PL Pricing – 5 Tips To Get The Best Pricing From A 3PL Provider?

Are you looking at a new 3PL service provider? If so, you need to know about 3PL pricing, and how to get the best deal from a 3PL provider.

As e-commerce is surging, many businesses are looking out for a 3PL partner to help scale up. However, choosing the right 3PL partner is not that easy. There are many aspects to consider, like the type of services a 3PL provider offers, the number of warehouses they have and where they’re situated, the kind of security measures they have, and most importantly, the 3PL pricing.  

Almost every 3PL service provider out there claims to have the most competitive pricing in the market — but do they? And even if you do find the most affordable 3PL service provider, you need to know what services are on offer for that price, and the services you require are not charged extra.  

So here are five tips to keep in mind when it comes to 3PL pricing: 

  1. Make sure that the 3PL service provider is listing all costs involved. At times, a few services could come under hidden costs, and this could lead to a bad deal, or worse, could affect the growth of the business.  
  2. Watch out for periodical minimum charges. Some businesses may have slow periods, and minimum prices could make that time as losing months. If you are not sure that the deal is good, walk away.  
  3. Ask questions and make sure that you understand what charges are recurring, what are one-offs, and what are actively dependent. Do not assume any of the costs and if you feel that the 3PL service provider is hiding any of them, know that it’s unethical to do so.  
  4. If you are shipping large volumes constantly, ask for discounts. Most 3PL service providers get some kind of discount from shipping carriers, and they pass it on to customers. The chances are that you have already been offered the best price, but there’s no harm in asking.  
  5. Finally, get all the 3PL pricing and the terms documented and in a valid contract.  

Fulfillment Hub USA 3PL pricing 

Fulfillment Hub USA offers transparent pricing for all your fulfillment needs. Furthermore, we ensure that the discounts we receive are passed on to customers so that everybody enjoys the benefits. For detailed pricing, visit our ‘3PL Pricing’ page. If you do not find the services you are looking for, Fulfillment Hub USA offers customized services. For further information, contact our fulfillment specialists, or write to us.