Your goods are your business, however, they need to be outsourced at times for growth. At times like these, how do you protect your asset? Insist on insurance. 3PL service providers are helping businesses scale up. Customers from around the globe, and more eCommerce businesses are opting for warehouses to store and ship products. Storing goods in warehouses comes with added risks -- theft, fire, flood, and more.

When it comes to importing goods from another country or sending products overseas, commonly feared words are 'customs' and 'duties'. Here's what they are and the reason they exist. 3PL service providers have made the global markets a level ground in terms of trade. No country is far away, nor is any market inaccessible. However, to this have happened, 3PL service providers have fully understood rules and regulations most countries have, in terms of customs clearance and duties (taxes) each country imposes.

Kitting and repacking services are important part of the ecommerce business and when considering 3PL services, you need to ask if your provider offers these services. The advantage of an eCommerce business is the flexibility to ship small items from any part of the world. Be it key chains, coffee mugs, or small electronic gadgets. However, when shipping multiple small items, it becomes a hassle. A solution to this is kitting services. Let’s take a detailed look.

Warehouse Management Software, or WMS is an essential part of logistics and choosing the right one is crucial. We explain what to look out for. What is a Warehouse Management Software (WMS)? The answer is simple — it is a software application designed to make warehousing operations easy. The software helps keep track of inventory, shipping, tracking and gives you a detailed picture of goods in a warehouse. In other words, a WMS optimizes the flow of goods coming in and leaving a warehouse and streamlines the entire process.

Moving things from one place to another is as old as humanity itself. Ever since the first humans set foot on earth, we have always needed to move things around, carry them with us, or have asked someone to do it for us. Over the years, this became a business, and today, products are being shipped around the world.

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