Should you outsource wholesale fulfillment to 3PL companies?

When businesses grow, some tasks tend to take up more time and space while they can be used to be more productive. The question is, should large companies outsource wholesale fulfillment to 3pl companies?

In today’s world, running a successful business means handling all the operations in-house. This may sound good, but not necessarily a must. When dealing with a large scale business, time and space are a concern — to aspects that are usually not managed well.


Difference between 3PL and Freight Forwarding

When a company is looking for logistics support, they often come across 3PL service providers and freight forwarding service — what is the difference?
When a company requires a logistics partner, they often hear 3PL services, warehousing, storage, shipping, and freight forwarding services. For a company starting new, these terms may often sound confusing as they all seem to offer the same services. Is it true? The answer is no.


Imports and Customs – All you need to know

When it comes to importing goods from another country or sending products overseas, commonly feared words are ‘customs’ and ‘duties’. Here’s what they are and the reason they exist.
3PL service providers have made the global markets a level ground in terms of trade. No country is far away, nor is any market inaccessible. However, to this have happened, 3PL service providers have fully understood rules and regulations most countries have, in terms of customs clearance and duties (taxes) each country imposes.