Should you outsource wholesale fulfillment to 3PL companies?

When businesses grow, some tasks tend to take up more time and space while they can be used to be more productive. The question is, should large companies outsource wholesale fulfillment to 3pl companies?

In today’s world, running a successful business means handling all the operations in-house. This may sound good, but not necessarily a must. When dealing with a large scale business, time and space are a concern — to aspects that are usually not managed well.

Space can be utilized to scale up production while time can be saved to promote the business. So what should one do? Outsource? The answer is yes — outsource fulfillment operations to a 3PL logistics company that will do the work for you, while you concentrate on more important matters.

The right 3PL service provider can integrate seamlessly into a business to handle day-to-day operations and offer customers a world-class experience. By opting for 3PL services, a business unloads all of its warehousing and storage needs.

Also, teaming up with the right 3PL service provider helps save a lot on logistics, as products are shipped to various geographical locations around the world, a business saves a lot on transport. The entire process of fulfillment, from the time of order to delivery is now automated with 3PL providers, reducing errors.

The process does not end when a customer gets the delivery though, because aftersales are equally important. What if a customer wants to return goods? The process can be tedious. This, however, can save a lot of resources for you when a 3PL service provider handles it. Warehouse management systems are highly sophisticated to handle such situations.

If a business were to handle all these, it would incur high costs. Also, since the safety of goods is a concern, additional security systems would be required. Keeping in mind that the rules of logistics are constantly changing owing to countries tightening security, outsourcing operations to a 3PL service provider makes sense.

For more details, contact a Fulfillment Hub USA representative who can guide you through the process. Being experts in global logistics and fulfillment, catering to B2B and B2C, our experts will have the right solution to your needs. Also, our well-spaced warehouses that are strategically placed throughout the USA ensure that our services are never out of reach.