How do 3PL companies protect customer merchandise?

3PL providers deal with a lot of goods, expensive and inexpensive products. When dealing with such numbers, security is A key concern. Learn how your merchandise is kept safe.

3PL companies deal with a lot of expensive goods. These products are assets and when dealing with multiple businesses, logistics and warehouse providers need to maintain a high level of security. Security needs to be paramount and if you have ever wondered how it’s done, read on.

Security guards are a good start, around the clock vigilance is even better, and cameras are great. However, thieves are sophisticated, and when one is determined to get past the security measures, it brews trouble. So how does Fulfillment Hub USA ensure safe storage?

While security cameras monitor the entire building, some packages need extra safety measures. To do so, Fulfillment Hub USA can accommodate additional cameras to specific packages to monitor them. Extra security guards and police are another way to beef up safety measures.

Taking safety procedures up a notch, trackers can be included in the cases, pallets, and even in trucks to ensure there’s no trouble en route. Measures such as these ensure that the delivery is made, at the intended place. Also, facilities such as loading and unloading indoors ensure no other party is involved apart from the intended workers.

Fulfillment Hub USA ensures that every personnel hired passes a stringent background check for credit, alcohol, and drugs. There are also random checks done occasionally and when a need arises. Customers can also audit.

No matter what a business requires in terms of security, Fulfillment Hub USA can accommodate it and, similar to any of our services, can customize the security measures. For further questions or anything specific related to security, you can write to us or call us for details.