5 common warehousing misconceptions

5 Common 3PL And Warehousing Misconceptions

3PL and warehouse services is a growing business as eCommerce has seen a radical increase. More companies are looking out for warehousing services, and along with this demand rises misconceptions. Similar to how a wildfire spreads, so do such misunderstandings.

In this blog, we take a look at some common misunderstandings that surround 3PL and warehousing services and straighten them out.

1. A warehouse is only for storage.
A warehouse does store goods, yes, but it’s one of the several services offered. Many small businesses opting for 3PL services for the first time are quite surprised by the number of services on offer. Apart from storing goods, warehouses serve as fulfillment centers for eCommerce business, JIT warehouse, kitting and packing center, cross-docking facility, and more.

A company like Fulfillment Hub USA offers numerous services such as FBA and FBM services, International shipping, import, customs, and a host more. You can visit our services page for a comprehensive list, and if you are looking for a custom service, we accommodate that as well.

2. 3PL services cost more than DIY
Not at all. Many companies looking for 3PL services think that it’s expensive and, instead, try to look for alternatives like renting storage trailers or stocking goods in their own space. Doing so costs businesses more than what 3PL service providers offer. When a warehouse facility is used correctly, companies can save more, and be more efficient.

FUlfillment Hub USA’s costs are upfront for businesses to see, and if your requirement is for a particular service, that’s exactly how much you are charged. Besides, a company can make more profits when the in-house storage is used for production instead of storage.

3. There are hidden fees.
Again, no. The misunderstanding of hidden fees arises because of the various processes involved in the process. Pricing is upfront and transparent, and any reputed 3PL service provider will not jump at you with hidden fees.

Fulfillment Hub USA offers pricing for all its services upfront, so customers know what to opt for and its costs. In case a business wants customized services, Fulfillment Hub USA is happy to offer the same with pricing.

4. 3PL providers insure goods
3PL and storage service providers have insurance for the facility and its workers, not your goods. Of course, damage due to negligence is on the service provider’s head, not otherwise. A company’s goods have to be insured by the business.

If you are looking at insuring your products, get in touch with an expert from Fulfillment Hub USA, who will be glad to help. For more details about insurance, the types, and how it works, you can read it here.

5. 3PLs need long-term commitments
Partially yes. Some 3PL services require a year’s commitment, but not everyone. Fulfillment Hub USA has flexible tenures, and to know more, get in touch via phone or by email, and our experts will be delighted to assist you.