Modes of freight

Air, Land, Or Sea: Which Freight Method is best for you?

In B2B businesses, transportation methods are different from B2C. Shipping of goods in bulk has various requirements, and to ship your products safely and effectively, you must tie-up with an experienced business with excellent freight services like Fulfillment Hub USA.   

Freight Shipping is bulk transportation of goods via land, air, or sea. There are many benefits to this method of shipping. However, which way is best suited for your business- land, air, or sea?   

Let’s find out what they are meant for and which one is best for you! 

Shipping by Air 

Air Freight reigns supreme when it comes to convenience and reliability. If your priority is these two things, then air freight is the best option for you. It is safe, rapid, and reliable. 

There are some disadvantages as well. One of the most critical is there can be a delay due to uncontrollable situations like the weather. This can result in financial and business losses.  

Convenience doesn’t come cheap. Air Freight is one of the most expensive methods as airlines cost according to the dimensional (volumetric) weight of the package. 

What to use it for? 

  • High Value Goods such as electronics, jewelry, pharmaceuticals 
  • Perishable Items like some foods, medicines, dairy products 

Shipping by land 

The majority of land freight happens with trucks and rail. There are two ways to ship through the land:  

A Full Truck-Load (FTL)  

A full container is available for transportation of goods via rail or road. These are direct shipments and can contain 24 to 26 pallets.    

Less than Truck-Load (LTL)  

It is the most commonly used method. It is an indirect method of transportation with 1 to 6 pallets in each container.    

If you have the inventory, then ship with a Full-truck load because it needs low maintenance than LTL and hence, is cost-effective and reduces damage. Land Freight is usually slower than air but faster than the ship, making it the best in-between option.   

What to use it for? 

  • Full Truck Load (FTL) and groupage cargoes 
  • Heavyweight and oversized freight 
  • Piece, bulk and liquid cargo 
  • Goods requiring transport under a certain temperature regime 
  • Dangerous goods 

Shipping by Sea 

It is one of the slowest freight methods. Cargo ships are ideal to ship larger products that need a little flexibility and cannot ship using other methods such as vehicles and heavy machinery. Like inland freight, the package is grouped together with other packages from different shippers.  

Ship freight is slow but mostly steady and like other shipping methods, gets affected by bad weather. This method is best for international business owners. 

What to use it for? 

  • Crude oil, petroleum products, chemical industry products  
  • Condensed gas, raw materials, equipment, cars 
  • Livestock and many other types of cargo 

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