How do 3PL companies protect customer merchandise?

3PL providers deal with a lot of goods, expensive and inexpensive products. When dealing with such numbers, security is key concern. Learn how your merchandise is kept safe.
3PL companies deal with a lot of expensive goods. These products are assets and when dealing with multiple businesses, logistics and warehouse providers need to maintain a high level of security. Security needs to be paramount and if you have ever wondered how it’s done, read on.

modes of logistics transportation

Modes of transportation explained

When transporting goods, choosing the most efficient method of transportation is important. The fastest way may not be the right option. Here’s more.
When shipping goods, the mode of transportation is an important consideration to make. Depending on various factors such as weight, urgency, and several other factors, the mode of shipping will change and this is an important call to take. Let’s take a look at various shipping methods and their advantages over the others.

3pl warehousing insurance

3PL Warehousing Insurance – What You Need To Know

Your goods are your business, however, they need to be outsourced at times for growth. At times like these, how do you protect your asset? Insist on insurance.
3PL service providers are helping businesses scale up. Customers from around the globe, and more eCommerce businesses are opting for warehouses to store and ship products. Storing goods in warehouses comes with added risks — theft, fire, flood, and more.