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E-commerce Fulfillment Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

E-commerce order fulfillment issues are one of the fastest routes to lose business, particularly with massive inventories. Read about the common mistakes you can make while running an e-commerce business and how to avoid them.

Do you think we’ll have physical stores or retail outlets in the next 10 – 20 years? As the e-commerce industry is rapidly growing peculiarly due to the difficult situation, we are in.

According to Market Watch, e-commerce will be the biggest beneficiary, with penetration forecast to reach 25% by the calendar year 2025 versus 15% currently (July 2021). It suggests that this is the best time to step into the online e-commerce market.

Dive into E-commerce Fulfillment

When you start your e-commerce business, there are multiple things that you have to do simultaneously. Multi-tasking mishaps can lead to errors that can affect your business directly or indirectly. Here are few common mistakes that you must be aware of to secure yourself from going out of business:

Less Inventory Space

E-commerce order fulfillment requires enormous space. When you start your business, you can start with a compact space. However, when you expand, you will need massive storage and different sections, depending on the different sizes of multiple products you are selling.
It is devastating to stop expanding any business due to storage space, and this is the limit you should be avoiding as a seller, and prepare for it in advance. Working with third-party logistics is the best budget-friendly solution; you only pay for the specific space you use. Don’t try to fit everything into little space, and look for new options and be ready to outsource and offload expansion costs.

Inaccurate Inventory Management

After storing your products in a safe and secure space, the most important thing to look out for is inventory management. Businesses that don’t keep proper track of the inventory face troubles, such as customers are placing orders but are unable to fulfill them. Disorganization can lead to theft, loss, and damaged goods. All these errors can cause immense troubles to the business.
An accurate inventory management system can help you keep up with the stocks you have, damaged goods, restocking needed, and save you from the loss of trust you would otherwise get from mismanagement.

Less Automation, More Manual

When a customer shops online, they expect to know about the delivery details and order tracking. They are ever-more demanding around purchases and shipment. An immediate understanding of where things are and how they are going to reach them is crucial to them. If you work manually on providing tracking information, there’s a high chance of an error occurring as one wrong number can change the complete location information.
Hence, automate what you can. An accurate automated system will save you from errors, build your brand, save your time and efforts, and help you manage your time better.

Incorrect Product and Order Information:

A customer will order from your online store, assuming the product information is correct. If, in any case, the displayed information is incorrect, this will lead to loss of trust and customers, hamper brand image, increase in returns, and in extreme cases, a legal face-off. Incorrect information for some specific products such as jewelry, skin-products can lead to severe issues to anyone’s skin and give them rashes, and they, in turn, can sue your brand for this.
Less information can also lead customers to move on to your competitors, resulting in loss of business and trust.
For shipment and order details, if you don’t put the details correctly, the package can get lost, results in affecting your brand image and customers’ expectations.

Confusing Returns Process

Customers trust you when you ensure that their money is safe by promising a secure return process. Returns management can be hectic for you as a seller but, it shouldn’t be chaotic for your customers. If that happens, you won’t receive any orders again from them.
Make your return process easy by automation and third-party logistics. Keep the return process should be easy and a few clicks away for your consumers.

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