Why do you need a tech-driven fulfillment center?

Would you believe us if we told you that just a couple of years back the order fulfillment process was cradled with inefficiencies costing valuable time, money, and manpower?  

Fast forward to today the entire fulfillment landscape has evolved rapidly with the technological advancement 

It goes without saying that order fulfillment is critical for any e-commerce business. Its accuracy and speed decide your customer’s overall experience, and if any mishap occurs at any stage, it can hamper your brand image. Hence, it is crucial to hire a fulfillment center that is tech-driven, to ensure better service and accuracy in the delivery of your products. 

There are various benefits of a tech-driven fulfillment center. Let’s have a look at them: 

  • Save time with automated process 

A tech-enabled 3PL will provide you with software that will help you stay in the loop of the order-fulfillment process. So, rather than sending your orders manually to your 3PL partner, update them on the software.  

Warehouse staff is alerted as soon as they receive an order. Each step is documented, and they provide real-time updates of your orders at every stage, from picking to shipping. The software is integrated with other aspects of order fulfillment, such as inventory management. You can proactively manage your SKU levels, so you know when to reorder from your suppliers. 

  • Meet customer’s expectations with excellent service 

With transparency in the order-fulfillment process, you are aware of your order at every stage. This helps you to update your customers confidently in case of any query. Up-to-date information ensures greater precision, transparency, and consistency in service.  

A tech-enabled fulfillment center also provides same-day or two-day delivery service, which would otherwise be impossible without tech integration. Your 3PL partner strategically places your inventory across multiple warehouses, so when an order arrives, the fulfillment software will initiate the inventory relocation to the nearest warehouse according to the order information. This way carrier can ship to your customers most effectively and cost-effectively. 

  • Save up on fulfillment costs and gain intelligence 

One of the many benefits of hiring a fulfillment center is the reduction in shipping costs. Expert fulfillment centers like Fulfillment Hub USA have tie-ups with many shipping partners that help in various discounts. And you can save more on shipping by placing your orders in the nearest warehouse from the delivery location.   

Fulfillment software uses past data to provide insights into how and where you should strategically distribute your inventory. You can eliminate the guesswork by analyzing the detailed analytics and distribution metrics. This way, you will save time and money, and analytics reports will only get powerful over time as you build more order history. 

  • Reduce Errors and increase transparency 

When you manually share data for your orders, there’s a high probability of errors of misinformation. It can lead to returns, exchange, replacements, and expedited shipping. This is time-consuming, expensive, and can burden your customers, hampering your brand image in the process.  

A tech-enabled fulfillment software provides you transparency as there is an interconnection between all the systems and fewer chances of human errors. You can view what is happening and how accurate your 3PL partner is, with the feature of real-time updates. 

Easy-to-use and efficient technological advancement for you to climb the mountain of success! 

Fulfillment Hub USA is your tech-driven 3PL partner. Our 5-in-1 cloud-based software enables you to stay in the loop of every stage of your order-fulfillment process. It allows you to manage everything at your fingertips.    

Our software has various features including inventory management, returns management, order tracking, billing breakdown, data importing, automatic reship, and more. With an easy-to-use interface, we provide multi-channel integration and a detailed, easy-to-understand dashboard. Our software is designed to give you every detail you need. You can drill down search results, use advanced filtering options, and perform any edits as needed.   

Bask in the benefits of a fully integrated tech-driven 3PL and understand if the software is matching with your fulfillment requirements. Connect with our experts to request a free demo.